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Our chiropractic adjustment techniques

A chiropractic adjustment, also known as spinal manipulation, is a type of manual therapy to help to ease pressure on joints and improve the range of spinal motion. The therapy is often used to treat neck, back, shoulder and headache, but chiropractors also treat other minor ailments.

There are more than 100 types of spinal manipulation techniques used by chiropractors. Some of these techniques are gentle, while others involve the application of a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint.

Here is an overview of our most common chiropractic adjustment techniques and also an introduction to our acupuncture and physiotherapy services too.



This chiropractic technique involves your chiropractor manually placing pressure through the affected vertebral segment to help restore proper movement.



Ease Your Back Pain, Headaches or Joint Pain through Acupuncture. Western Acupuncture (Dry Needling) is a practice that helps to relieve pain by releasing stress and tension in muscles and joints.


Sacro Optical Technique

SOT is a gentle way to help the body restore itself back to normal function. SOT is especially interested in the cranial sacral respiratory system to improve your overall health.



We focus on getting our clients back to their best. We do this by providing bespoke and comprehensive  rehabilitation strategy management plans and care to get you back to feeling great.

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Drop Table

This technique involves being safely ‘dropped’ by a chiropractic table. This helps with more comfortable spinal manipulations. Drop table techniques are a great way to improve your spinal alignment.


Activator Technique

This is a technique using an instrument that delivers a small impulse to your spine. It can help with re-alignment and pain. This is a non-invasive technique, designed to relieve pain and tension on your verterbae and joints.

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Extremity Adjustment

This is the re-alignment and rehabilitation of extremity joints. This includes your hip, spine, knees and many others to enhance the overall alignment and health of your body. 



As part of our bespoke care plans, we utilise personalised equipment to help your alignment and to relieve pain. This focuses on the design and application of orthoses. These include splints, leg and arm braces and other devices.


Cranial Work

This is a non-invasive technique where your chiropractor applies pressure to your head. It reduces pain and stress symptoms. We use gentle pressure techniques to assess the existence of possible disruptions and/or restrictions in your fascial system



​This helps to restore movement and function after an injury or illness. This involves a mixture of advice, exercise and hands-on treatment. We use various physiotherapy techniques to help our clients get back to their best and overcome pain or injuries. 


Sports Massage

Professional sports therapy services to competitive and recreational athletes, as well as the general public. We are trained in dealing with injuries from sporting accidents and help you recover from injury, enhance your performance and prevent injuries from recurring. 

What techniques do chiropractors use?
Chiropractors use a variety of techniques, including spinal adjustments, spinal decompression, soft tissue therapy, and exercise rehabilitation.

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