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The Falcon Health Team in Burgess Hill


Who are we?

At Falcon Health, a Chiropractors in Balcombe, we believe that nothing is more important than your health. Our team of professional chiropractors, sports therapists, and physiotherapists are committed to providing expert treatment. Our goal is to alleviate and prevent pain, albeit it be back, neck, or knee pain.


Our team of experts are committed to ‘getting better together’. To achieve this, they combine hands-on techniques with one-on-one therapy, individualised programmes, and bespoke treatment programmes. The goal is to help you to heal in way that restores efficiency of movement and physical comfort. At Falcon Health, we take a holistic approach to treatment. Due to this, our team administer a range of treatments and preventative measures that are adapted to suit the needs of each individual. Our key methods of treatment are chiropractic, physiotherapy, and sports therapy/massage.




It is common to have a problem with your posture. Whether you work a manual job, a desk job, or lift weights, it is easy for your spine, pelvis and other structures to be overloaded by weight. When your spinal joints and discs are put under too much pressure, your nerves, muscles, bones, and blood supply are affected.


Chiropractic can help alleviate this type of pain. Chiropractors are trained in medical diagnosis, orthopaedics, and neurology. A chiropractic approach to treatment works off the medical fact that your nervous system co-ordinates your body. Your nervous system co-ordinates how your body responds to injury and stress. Due to this, chiropractors use manual spinal manipulation to reduce your pain and prevent injury.




Physiotherapy is the most well-known and trusted discipline of musculoskeletal health. Since 1800s, physiotherapy has been used to help athletes, the elderly, and the general population to tackle their pain. This method of treatment is focused on helping you to recover from injury and illness. The key techniques of physiotherapy are:


-      Manual therapy

-      Exercise

-      Lifestyle advice


Functional diagnostic skills allow your physiotherapist to build a plan for your recovery. As part of the treatment programme, you are encouraged to take an active role in getting better.


Sports Therapy/Massage


Sports therapy is the management, manipulation, and rehabilitation of the body’s soft tissues. These include your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. As suggested by the name, sports therapy is beneficial to sports people, who often experience soft tissue injuries. However, sports therapy is also a useful mode of treatment for anybody wishing to recover from a soft tissue injury.


Sports therapy combines classical Swedish massage techniques with more advanced soft tissue therapy for an effective treatment method. These more advanced techniques include active stretching techniques and trigger point work.


‘A brilliant place! So professional and friendly. My treatment for back pain is amazing - if you're in pain go see Falcon Health for sure! Thank you Ben for being a brilliant Chiropractor!’

-     Joy Renshaw


If you value your health, contact us at Falcon Health, a Chiropractors in Balcombe, to set up an appointment today.

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