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Who are we?

At Falcon Health, a Chiropractors near Brighton, we want to help you live a life free from pain. Our team of chiropractics, sports therapists, and physiotherapists work to facilitate healing and restore efficient movement and comfort as quickly as possible. We achieve this through proven hands-on techniques, one-on-one therapy, individualised rehabilitation programmes, and bespoke treatment plans designed specifically for each patient.


We take a holistic approach to treatment. We are known for our top-quality treatment services to help with back pain, neck pain, sciatica, muscle spasms, and arthritis. However, our highly-trained team administer a range of treatments and preventative measures that are tailored to suit each individual’s needs. This means that whatever the problem, we will have a solution to help remove your pain.


You can have a free 15 minute consultation session with one of our team or the clinic director on request, or you can book for your full initial assessment. You will then have your results and any treatment options explained in full.


We offer honest flat-rate pricing for all of our services. There is no upfront payment required, and fees are due at the time of each appointment. Additionally, our chiropractors are recognised by Bupa, AXA/PPP, Aviva, Simply Health, and other healthcare plans. If you are paying for it yourself, we’ll find a treatment plan that matches your budget and needs. We work with all of our clients to provide the best possible value for their money. The prices are as followed:




               Initial Assessment                 


               Treatments (Adult)                 


               Treatments (Child)                  





               Initial Assessment                 


                Follow-up Sessions                





Sports Therapy & Massage

60 mins - £50

  45 mins - £40

30 mins - £30




‘I ended up visiting Falcon Health after a good review from a friend. I was a little sceptical as to whether I needed a chiropractor at all and whether it would make any difference... I had struggled with chronic kidney pain for years which had resulted in a lot of muscle tension in that area, my posture wasn't great and repetitive heavy lifting and twisting at work added to my aches and pains.

After a few sessions I really noticed a difference. I had no problems booking appointments and I was given exercises to do at home to further my progress. There's a huge car park opposite so it's really easy to access. The option to pay per session or in blocks to make savings is also available.’


- Erin Irwin


Do you want to live a life free from pain?


Book an appointment today to talk to one of our team members at the Falcon Health Chiropractors near Brighton. We look forward to meeting you, and to introducing you to our staff an

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