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Who are we?

We are Falcon Health, a Chiropractors in Hayward’s Heath. Our integrated team of chiropractors, physiotherapists, and sports therapists are recognised by Bupa, AXA/PPP, Simply Health, and other healthcare plans, and have treated thousands of patients. We specifically help with back, neck, and sports injuries, and yet are trained to treat a broad range of problems. No matter the issue, we will work with you to provide the best possible treatment plan to suit your needs.


When you book an appointment, you will be given a 15 minute consultation session with either a member of our team or the clinic doctor. You will have your treatment options explained in full. Following this, you will receive a full initial assessment in which our team will create a treatment programme that is designed uniquely for you.


Clients come to us for a range of issues. Yet, three of the most common problems are neck pain, knee pain, and back pain. Below, we take you through the causes to these issues, and what a typical treatment programme could look like.


Neck Pain


There are many factors that can cause neck pain. These include:


-      Poor posture

-      Strain/injury whilst exercising

-      Stress

-      Arthritis

-      Standing long amounts of time in a static position (e.g. at a desk)

-      Sleeping with your neck in a bad position


It is possible to use quick fixes to soothe neck pain. However, lifestyle changes are the only thing that truly make a difference. Chiropractic is the best option to treat neck pain. Through rehabilitation programmes, bespoke plans, and hands-on techniques, we will treat your neck pain. Also, we will provide you with expert advice on lifestyle changes. Through taking these preventative measures, we make sure that your neck pain does not come back.


Knee Pain


Knee pain has a range of symptoms. These include stiffness, swelling, weakness, pain, and popping noises. Potential causes of your knee pain include:


-      Sports sprain/injury

-      Dislocation

-      Tendonitis

-      Overusing the knee cap

-      Wearing unsuitable shoes


At Falcon Health, our team of professionals are fully equipped to tackle your knee pain. We decide from a range of treatments to form a treatment plan specifically tailored to suit your complaint. These treatments include acupuncture and sports massage.


Back Pain


The possible causes of back pain include:


-      Poor posture

-      Injury during exercise

-      Stress

-      Moving abruptly

-      Muscle straining from lifting


Our experienced chiropractics can help you cope with your back pain through manual manipulation of the spine. By providing advice on how to make lifestyle changes, they can ensure that the pain does not return.


‘After years suffering from chronic neck & back pain, I was introduced to Ben. All I can say is WOW!!! I never thought I would see light at the end of the tunnel, but Ben has changed that all around. He has given me hope & faith, for the foreseeable future. Ben found out things I never would have known. My pain is, more bearable & my movement is not so restricted. I feel I can look forward to a new lease of life now & I can highly recommend this for anyone suffering from severe neck or back problems.’


-      Donna Robinson


At Falcon Health, a Chiropractors in Hayward’s Heath, we can help you tackle any type of pain. Contact us to set up an appointment, and make a commitment to your well-being today!

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