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Diversified Technique

The diversified chiropractic technique is one of the most favoured methods by doctors and chiropractors all over the world since it takes the best of all other techniques and combines them into one composite method.


It involves a trained and licensed professional manually applying pressure on the affected vertebral segment to relieve pain and restore movement. All it takes is a small thrust at a specific point on the spinal column/arms/legs.


What is the Diversified Chiropractic Technique?

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The diversified chiropractic technique achieves the following three objectives:


Restore Spinal Alignment

The alignment of your spine is essential for it determines how you sit, sleep, walk and feel. If your posture is consistently incorrect, then back pains and muscle spasms will cause a lot of discomforts. A chiropractor will evaluate you for subluxation or misalignment, which can then be corrected through sessions of spinal manipulation using the diversified technique.


Repair Joint Dysfunction

By them being the point of contact for two bones, Joints can face a lot of damage in the form of injuries or diseases such as arthritis, dislocation, and bursitis. Injuries caused due to sports are also a significant cause of joint dysfunction. At the same time, surgery may be too radical of an option for you. The diversified chiropractic technique helps to improve mobility and sustain functionality.


Allow Proper Movement

Through the diversified chiropractic technique, bones, muscles, joints, and soft tissues are stimulated to heal, ease pain, and mitigate any further complications. This treatment regime improves the strength and functionality of muscles which consequently promotes movement. At Falcon Health, the initial stage of your personalised treatment plan would involve regaining essential mobility of the affected areas then consider treatment options to achieve more complex activities.


More on the Diversified Technique

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Benefits of the Diversified Technique


The diversified chiropractic technique has been proved to be beneficial in a diverse range of medical cases such as:


Musculoskeletal Disorders are very well catered to by DCs who specialise in diversified techniques. Spinal and manual manipulation under this method has yielded the most successful results in this field.


Migraines and severe headaches are said to come under control after at least two months of diversified technique, as reported by a study conducted with 127 respondents in the UK.


Pregnancy involves restless and sleepless nights, added pressure on bones, severe back pain and increased headaches, which can potentially ease through diversified techniques.

Enhanced Blood Sugar Levels

The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (2008) reports regular and efficient diversified technique sessions. The study also suggests that sleep patterns can be positively affected.


With Falcon Health's experienced team of chiropractors, you can realise these benefits into your treatment plan with ease.

The diversified technique differs from traditional chiropractic. It has a few vital characteristic features that set it apart. If you wish to opt for this method in your treatment plan at Falcon Health, look out for these factors that define diversified techniques:

  • Pressure on the spine is applied on just the affected part very quickly.

  • A distinct 'popping' sound is heard, which signifies that the spine and joints are pushed back into an ideal alignment since the trapped gas is released.

  • The whole procedure is entirely manual. It's a hands-on technique that does not require any extra tools or devices.

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With professional chiropractors guiding you every step of the way, special exercises, and an excellent mechanism for follow-ups, Falcon Health is the best place you can be that yields successful results. Book an appointment today!

What qualifications do chiropractors in the UK have?
Chiropractors in the UK must have a degree in chiropractic from an accredited university and be registered with the GCC.

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