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Drop Table Technique

The drop table chiropractic technique involves lesser brute force for spinal manipulation than traditional chiropractic care. It involves low-velocity movement and less spinal manoeuvring on the specific area of injury.


The drop table technique is particularly beneficial for adjusting the pelvis or sacroiliac joints. Furthermore, this is one of the only methods that can adjust spondylolisthesis.


Drop Table Chiropractic Care

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What are the Effects of the Drop Table Technique?

Apart from being the most gentle chiropractic technique, the drop table method for chiropractic care has additional benefits as well, such as:

  • It is a much better treatment option for older patients and pregnant women.

  • It provides your chiropractor with easier access to tension knots.

  • It improves flexibility, betters body posture, reduces discomfort and nerve irritation, and strengthens the affected muscles.

  • It gives greater control to your chiropractor over the pressure he exerts on your body.

  • It reduces the risk of forceful treatment sessions on patients.

  • It utilises natural factors like gravity in the process of treatment, making it easier for the patient as well as the chiropractor.


The drop table technique at Falcon Health has earned its believers through immaculately successful results with every session. It eases pain and treats spinal injuries that can cause trouble. By applying the least amount of pressure to get qualitative results, we assure our patients' utmost comfort. Book a consultation with us today to get the best deal on your chiropractic treatment!

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Are drop tables safe?

Though the process may seem intimidating to most, in the beginning, a chiropractic drop table is a completely safe mechanism that has a multitude of benefits for you. Reputed medical institutions like the ACA have explained how the risk of potential adverse side effects of chiropractic care is 'very small.' We use top-quality equipment for all our services.


How long does chiropractic treatment last?

While a patient may get immediate relief from the pain, the duration of treatment and recovery largely depends on the severity of their injury. Our special exercises and techniques guarantee improvement. We strongly recommend booking regular sessions with your chiropractor and following the treatment plan carefully tailored just for you.

Brief History

In the 20th century, a chiropractor named Dr. Clay Thompson invented a customised drop table for a patient he was facing a lot of trouble treating. After multiple experiments and scientific research, Dr. Clay was able to get the patent for his new invention, thereby creating the Thompson technique in chiropractic care.



The 'drop' technique uses a special chiropractic table for treatment of the lower back, mid-back, and neck, which causes less discomfort than other procedures. It has different segments that can be lifted up and then dropped when the chiropractor applies a low-intensity thrust. The distinguishing attribute of this technique is that the drop allows gravity to work with the manual adjustment that helps with the relatively gentler adjustment of the affected vertebral column.


Analysis of the Patient's Leg Length

Another one of the drop table technique's identifying characteristics is that chiropractors do a detailed analysis of the patient's leg lengths. Since chiropractors are of the belief that imbalances in the nervous system can cause muscular issues, they inspect for any such discrepancies by comparing the lengths of a patient's leg via x-ray; muscular issues cause one leg to be shorter than the other. Based on the measurements your doctor gets out of this study, customised drop table settings are made for your treatment plan. Along with treating musculoskeletal problems, this drop table technique is also beneficial for treating joints in the hands, feet, arms, and legs.

Anatomy of a Chiropractic Drop Table

The table has various sections that can be raised between 1-2 inches before the chiropractor applies a low-velocity thrust that releases the table downwards. The momentum that the patient's body catches, along with the thrust and drop of the table, is an essential factor that is used in drop table chiropractic care.



With professional chiropractors guiding you every step of the way, special exercises, and an excellent mechanism for follow-ups, Falcon Health is the best place you can be that yields successful results. Book an appointment today!

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