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What are the causes of
neck pain?

Most people experience some type of neck pain at some point in their life. This could be due to a number of causes but identifying the type of pain and treating it effectively, rather than just taking painkillers, is key to stopping the pain from returning in a worse form. Want to know how to relieve neck and shoulder pain? Please do read the full article below.

Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain came derive from many causes, all of which can cause damage in different ways, these are as follows:

  • poor posture

  • injury or strain during exercise

  • sleeping with your neck in a bad position

  • spending long periods of time in the same position (working at a desk for example)

  • arthritis

  • stress

This might be uncomfortable but should not cause any stinging pain. If it does, stop immediately.

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How to Treat Neck Pain


You can use quick fixes like stretches, painkillers and cold or hot compresses but the only thing that will make a permanent difference is a lifestyle change. If your neck is strained from sitting at a desk all day, try getting up and moving around every 20 minutes to keep your neck and shoulders mobile. Try sleeping on your back with a pillow underneath your thighs as this helps relax your spine and relieves pressure on your neck.

What will really help, however, is booking an appointment to see a chiropractor. Here at Falcon Health, we have a team of specialists who can help with hands-on techniques, rehabilitation programmes and bespoke plans to help you feel great. Not only will we treat your neck pain, but we will also ensure it doesn’t come back by taking preventative measures and giving you expert advice on lifestyle changes. Using chiropractic help is a non-invasive way to relieve tension in your neck.


Don’t let neck pain hold you back! Contact us today to book your first appointment and start your journey of feeling healthier, stronger and more mobile.

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Is chiropractic care safe?
Chiropractic care is generally safe, and adverse reactions are rare. However, as with any medical treatment, there are some risks, which your chiropractor will discuss with you.

How to Treat Neck Pain

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