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Physiotherapists Crawley

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At Falcon Health, we provide physiotherapy services in the Crawley area. Whilst we are based in Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath, we have many clients from across Sussex, including Crawley.

Our healthcare professionals boast years of experience and are experts in their fields. They are dedicated to helping all kinds of people, of various ages and with all kinds of ailments.

What is Physiotherapy?

While looking for physiotherapy in Crawley, you may ask yourself, what is it, and what does a physio do?

Physiotherapists use their hands to massage and heal muscles, ligaments and joints throughout the body, with the goal of restoring function, strengthening the area and relieving pain. Physiotherapy is used to treat a wide range of conditions, from neck pain and headaches to back pain and sports injuries. This therapy will help to heal your muscles and strengthen the injured area, preventing the likelihood of injury recurring.

Physiotherapists also use other therapies, such as massage, to help improve your condition. Many physios will also offer dietary advice or recommend exercises to help you stay healthy and pain-free. Whilst chiropractors tend to focus on the spine, physiotherapists focus on all parts of your body. We adopt a holistic approach to diagnosing and dealing with pain. By finding the root of your pain, we can begin to understand your body and combat the issue directly, rather than just the symptoms. This leads to a faster and stronger recovery and also prevents future injuries.

How Can Physiotherapy Help You?

If you are looking for a physiotherapist in the Crawley area, it is important to consider how treatment may help you. There are many benefits to physiotherapy, some of which we will discuss below.

Recovery from Injury

We largely deal with people that have injured their muscles and ligaments, often through sport or an accident. As physiotherapy is designed to not only heal the body, but strengthen it, this treatment is very effective in preventing injury from happening in the future. 

Physiotherapists use a variety of treatments, including massage, taping, ultrasound and more. All of these therapies are designed to help identify your injury and ensure that the muscles heal stronger than before. To further this process, physiotherapists will prescribe strengthening exercises for you to complete which will boost your recovery and the strength and stability of your body. 


Physiotherapy isn’t just for injuries, it can also help with a wide range of issues, including headaches. By massaging and working on muscles and ligaments around your neck and head, physiotherapy can relax muscles and strengthen them, reducing the strain they experience and relieving your headaches.. The National Headache Foundation has reported that physiotherapy can be effective at treating tension headaches and headaches that originate in your neck.

Physiotherapy allows the muscles and joints around your back, neck and head to stay relaxed and prevents pain.


Combating Neck Pain

If you're experiencing neck pain, a physio may be able to help. Physiotherapists use this therapy to relax and strengthen muscles in your spine and neck. Physiotherapists generally work with the idea that the body heals itself naturally, and physiotherapy involves lessening pain and strengthening muscles and ligaments to speed up your body's natural healing process.

Through the various therapies, physiotherapists can aid you in relieving neck pain as your spine and neck muscles are relaxed and strengthened, reducing the stress and tension put on them. This reduces pain and encourages relaxation, which only prevents neck pain further.

Reduce Reliance on Pain Killers

Some people that experience chronic pain or muscular injuries can be prescribed with pain relievers. These certainly help with symptoms, but do not necessarily aid your recovery or bring your body back to full health. That's where physiotherapy comes in. 
Whilst we do not claim to eliminate the need for pain killers completely, physiotherapy alongside the use of pain killers can certainly help. Over time, our treatment should help reduce the pain that you feel, reducing your reliance on pain killers. 

Improve Posture

As physiotherapy focuses on strengthening your body and getting your joints and muscles working at their best, it is likely that you could see an improvement in posture as a result. As your muscles and joints strengthen and return to their normal position, they support your back better, and enhance your posture. This also helps to prevent injury from poor posture as your spine and muscles are aligned correctly and supported by strong muscles and ligaments.

Reduce Stress

As physiotherapy works on relaxing your body's muscles and joints, many physios will also encourage you to take up a low impact exercise such as yoga or Pilates. This can be highly beneficial as it reduces stress in your life, lowers cortisol levels and allows for a better night's sleep. It is likely that you could see improvement in this area should you make these lifestyle changes.

Lowering stress is a common result of physiotherapy because as the muscles around your neck and back are relieved, the less pressure is put on your head and body. As your muscles relax, you do too. Additionally, you are less hampered by back and neck pain, allowing you to get on with your day without the stress associated with pain.

Help Athletic Performance

Physiotherapy has been shown to improve athletic performance. There are a few potential reasons for this. physiotherapy may help to improve joint mobility, which could lead to better performance. This allows your body to work hard during exercise whilst reducing the risk of injury, allowing you to reach your peak performance. Additionally, physiotherapy may help to reduce pain and inflammation, which can also interfere with athletic performance. Finally, physiotherapy may help to remove tissue restrictions, which could also lead to better performance. Physiotherapy is designed to reduce the time you spend injured, and strengthen your body as a result, preventing the likelihood of injuries recurring.

Our treatments in the Crawley area can give you peace of mind when returning to sport and help you perform to your best.


Staying in tune with your body is crucial when dealing with pain and recovery. Due to the holistic approach that our physiotherapy clinic in Crawley adopts, we consider the whole body when looking at pain. We will work closely with you throughout the diagnosis, treatment and recovery stages to ensure that you are aware of how treatment is affecting your body. This enables patients to become more in tune with their body and identify potential causes of pain. This allows you to reduce the likelihood of serious injury occurring as we will educate you in the potential triggers of pain throughout the body. This helps to encourage a healthy lifestyle as there are many ways in which you can tackle pain in conjunction with physiotherapy. 

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